What is JavaScript?

❉ JavaScript can be introduced as a multi-paradigm and dynamic language which was initially created with the purpose of making web pages alive.

❉ The syntactic structure of JavaScript is mostly based on Java and C languages.

❉ The programs written using JavaScript are called ‘Scripts’ and do not…



❉ Memento is one of the behavioral design patterns that is usually utilized for saving and restoring the state of an object into a previous state without violating encapsulation.

❉ It is also referred to as Snapshot pattern or Token.

❉ Memento pattern is used to carry out the…

What is Chain of Responsibility?

Chain of Responsibility is one of the behavioral design patterns that creates a chain of receiver objects upon a request.

❉ It decouples the sender of the request and the receiver in accordance with the request type.

❉ Once a request is received, each handler decides whether to undertake…



❉ The builder pattern is a creational design pattern that permits building complex objects in a step by step manner until the final step returns the object.

❉ The builder does not depend on any other object.

❉ A director object which only knows what type of object it…

Hansini Rupasinghe

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